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Vinyl Plot Cutting for signage and garment/fabric

  • 1Day


This course is designed to teach participants a working level of knowledge and practical skills to be able to design and create designs with vinyl, for both signage (vehicles, premises etc) and for design application on fabric (T-shirts etc). The course is divided into 2 parts, the first part will give participants a good overview of vector based design with regards to plot cutting. The practical elements of the course will give participants the skills to be able to confidently plot cut, weed and apply their vinyl designs to both objects and fabric and to safely use a heat press. The second part of the course is designed for participants who have either done the first part of the course or who have a decent level of prior experience/knowledge in this area. This part offers advanced techniques for design and execution and insight/ideas to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. It is mainly creative and practical but some elements like advanced fabric application and copyright issues when using downloaded assets will be discussed as they are essential knowledge to people starting up small businesses. Branding and product presentation will also be covered. Plot cutting printed stickers and stencils is an advanced and practical addition to the course. Both parts of the course are predominantly practical and fun. The more 'lecture' based bits will run alongside practical parts. The course has been designed to be as fun, creative and engaging as possible.

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