Featured Artist/Maker: Tristan Titeux

“We believe in a better world for you and for all. We believe in giving you exactly what you want without compromise. We are empathetic to your needs, your home and the World. We care about you and the World around you like we care about our children and ourselves. When you buy from Empatika, you are helping yourself and the World around you.”

A lot of companies talk about their “sustainability” policies, but it seems very few back this up with real actions. Empatika genuinely put sustainable thinking at the heart of everything they do. The construction and home interiors industry creates a lot of environmental waste and pollution, but these are mostly problems that can be fixed by simply swapping a few products and checking where your products are being sourced from.

At Empatika even the standard option uses low formaldehyde FSC wood that is grown in well managed forests in Ireland and manufactured in the UK, so that’s pretty local when you consider that over 80% of wood used in the UK is imported. They use low voc waterbased paints which you can live in straight after decoration. Empatika is also run on 100% renewable energy using GoodEnergy, the UK’s only independent 100% renewable energy provider.

If you want to go even further than this they offer a full blown Eco option for your home furniture. They are pioneers in the field of bespoke Eco fitted furniture and have produced furniture using materials that have never been used before in fitted furniture such as Stramit boards and other eco friendly materials such as strawboard, recycled plastic, low energy lights and clever design to extend the useful life or your furniture.

Empatika can do all grades of Eco fitted furniture and can describe the environmental impact of each from just usual fitted units using water-based paints to Earthborne and AURO’s natural paints made of natural and plant based materials and from formaldehyde free mdf wood to formaldehyde free strawboard made of straw instead of wood chips, they have a big list of things they would be pleased to talk to you about and tailor your eco fitted furniture exactly to your storage, health and sustainability needs.