Featured Artist/Maker: Earl Walker

“In a personal sense I am very much interested in eastern philosophies encompassing meditation and hold a particular fascination of the concept of being present. It is that practice of stilling the mind and body and allowing myself to be aware of the present moment that I try to carry across and introduce into my photography.”

Born in 1980, Earl Walker spent the majority of his childhood growing up in the South Wales countryside where his parents converted what was a 16th century cow shed into a farmhouse, an environment and era which is his greatest source of inspiration today. The traditional construction, mix of materials, man-made and natural elements, plants, flowers, lichen, mosses, the huge solid wood beams, vivid splattered paint across the stone walls contrasting against weathered iron work on the open ground with flowers stubbornly peeking through to reach the sun light let in by the fallen roof, have all for some reason never left his memory and imagination.

earl walker

Earl’s pictures mostly take their form in abstraction be that in macro photography, landscapes or urban photography. He enjoys planning out the use of light and shadow, which, depending on the time of day and quality of light will always show up different textures, colours and values of the subject that is unique to that point in time. He also make’s a point to do as little digital editing as possible, increasing detail and maybe a little contrast or vignetting, as he feels it takes something away from the validity of image the further away you go from its original state.

In his studio at the CSL Wembley Point site where he has been a member since January 2014, be it drawing, painting or photography, Earl finds himself revisiting old themes and favourites from his upbringing; a mixture of nature and man-made materials, structures and machinery as well as items or surfaces that have aged.


earl walker 2