Highlights: Biomodd Plant/Computer Hacking Course

Biomodd is a multifaceted, socially engaged art installation that finds meaningful relationships between biology, computers and people. On the most basic level, Biomodd creates symbiotic relationships between plants and computers, and ignites conversations among the community around them.

During the 3-day Biomodd London workshop, held at Create Space London, four installations were co-created by twelve workshop participants from a variety of fields; design, architecture, permaculture, computational arts, visual arts, and political studies, among others. Like previous Biomodd installations, the resulting structures featured computer networks built from up-cycled computer components and which are are then provided with internal living ecosystems. In a symbiotic exchange, plants and algae live alongside electronics and use the waste heat to thrive. For more information about the Biomodd London group and their continuing activities, check out their Facebook group at: www.facebook.com/biomodd.



Many of the participant are now moving forward with spin off Biomodd projects, including one at a secondary school in Kilburn and CSL will continue to offer its support throughout the development of this inspirational concept piece.