Highlights: Galactic Fête

Citizen Inventor, our partner in action for the event that took place in our Wembley Point premises over the 18th – 19th July, is a collaborative environment for pushing the boundaries of science and engineering via events and projects. The community is run by volunteers; designers, developers, film makers, illustrators, scientists, geologists, engineers, tinkerers, makers, techies, knitters. But why not find out more about what they are about by going to their events or even joining them as a volunteer: www.citizeninventor.com

The event was a big success, with both kids and adults getting involved in a wide range of activities. Nick Stevens our member and volunteer screen-printing technician was on hand throughout the day printing t-shirts for volunteers, thank you for your support and good luck with your t-shirt business. Nicola and Jairo, also gave a super professional otherworldly screen-printing workshop. Thank you, your dedication is admirable!

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Viv Schwarz, you are amazing for turning everyone into space cats. We were very impressed with the maker spirit of all your DIY pens, especially the one that’s made out of beer can. More illustration and children’s books of cats please!

Minna Orvokki Nygren and Catherine Kontz were amazingly organised at supporting us so elegantly that, our very own Mike made some badges for you, out of your score!

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Mike and our co-founder Adam were so well loved by the kids, that they even made an enterprise out of the badge press to buy their laser cut space badges. Guys, give yourself a very good pat on the back for inspiring the next generation entrepreneurs! Because of you, they’ve developed an appetite for new businesses.

On to our engineering headlines: Ray Brainbrige from Tranquility Aerospace for being our first and ongoing co-mastery tutor and leading us to learn, hands on, about the controls of spacecraft orientation thrusters using Arduinos – this time, with the added rocket model. Chris Brunskill from Satellite Applications Catapult for the demo on a Pocketqube implementation of nano-satellite – a palm sized satellite.


palm size satellite

To Wil Selwood, our on site astronomer for being so cool about driving the telescope 50 something miles to the festival and set that up for star party at all sessions, even though the only predictable thing about the weather in the UK is the clouds! The sun, is such a warm fuzzy orange thing when you do get a chance to see it.


And yes, all you tall people (relative to Steph) and early risers from Citizen Inventor who has turned up to help put everything in place before the start of the festival. Without you, Steph just cannot reach very far!

Thank you to our member and ceramicist Farah, who very thoughtfully arranged the space and passed on her knowledge and ideas during the workshops she hosted.

A massive thank you to all those who bought tickets, donated, brought along friends/family, and/or given us feedback, thank you.

Last but definitely not least, thank you to our partner in action Citizen Inventor for this great collaborative opportunity.

We had a BLAST(OFF)!!!!!