Biomodd/Computer Plant Hybrid Workshop

Calling all tinkerers, hackers, nature-lovers, coders, artists, makers, tech-lovers, and curious minds!

Ever wondered what would happen if we created a computer with a living eco-system inside it??!


We are running a 3 day plant/computer hacking course in London! 25-27th July, £50 for all 3 days, SPACES ARE GOING FAST:


It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Biomodd London! Being
hosted at by Create Space London at Chesterfield House, 9 Park Lane,
Wembley Central.


Biomodd is a collaborative art project that challenges presumed notions of opposition between nature and technology. In Biomodd, nature and technology are fused into hybrid art installations in different cultures throughout the world. Computer networks, built from upcycled computer components, are provided with internal living ecosystems. In a symbiotic exchange, plants and algae live alongside electronics and use the waste heat to thrive. Biomodd installations have been co-created by curious minds in communities all over the planet including New York, Ohio, Netherlands, Philippines and now Biomodd is coming to London. Join us on a 3 day plant / computer hybrid course this July.


This summer Biomodd London is giving 50 people the opportunity to come and work first hand with an incredible duo. Biomodd founder, Angelo Vermeulen, teams up with Curiosity Design Research founder and PHD researcher Diego Maranan to run a classic Biomodd workshop in London.

You will be taught how to:

– build functioning computers out of e-waste
– merge living biology (plants and algae) with computers
– explore the connection between technology and biology through gaming and play


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